Friday, February 29, 2008

A little maintenance...

I've just re-upped all of the dead links. (They're in their respective posts.)

Sorry about that.

And here's the link for the mp3 version of the "Potential New Boyfriend" remix. I missed it in the other set of downloads.

Anyway... I'm workin' on another post for this weekend.

Until then... get to livin'!


joshua said...

Thanks for all these great Dolly songs! Great to listen to them again.

Wondering what's more in the vaults?

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and the great Dolly treasures! You're not the only one who enjoys Rainbow, I've always found it fun and an enjoyable departure from the "country" Dolly.

JJ said...

Thanks so much for the comments!

Joshua... there's plenty more to come. I promise! :)

And figment... I agree about "Rainbow." I'll be doing an all things "Rainbow" post soon. :)

Thanks again for the feedback!