Friday, January 25, 2008

Better get to bloggin'...

So I've never blogged before. Well... that's not true. But never in this "my official blog" capacity. It's actually kind of exciting actually. For me, at least. But then again, a good steak is known to excite me. So take that as you will.

What will I blog about? Who knows? I don't.

Dolly Parton, of course. That'll probably be what most of these posts will be about. Or at least related to. Most of the things and the happenings in my life are often related to Dolly in one way or another.

I'll gush about how much I absolutely adore Ms. Dolly's version of "This Ole House" from her ill fated 80's show. Or how excited I am that "Backwoods Barbie" is finally seeing the light of the day. And be prepared to hear about my love for the song "Blue Smoke" and the fact that it's never been released commercially. And lest I forget the fact that I'm probably one of twelve Dolly fans who actually like the album "Rainbow." You'll hear about that once or twice.

And as a reward for listening to my incessant Dolly drivel, I'll be posting some of my Dolly treasures for everybody's listening pleasure. Dolly memorabilia collecting is a very dangerous hobby and I've been at it for years.

As a rule, though, I'll never post anything that's still commercially available. Don't want the fabu Ms. Parton losing out on any money. (It does take a lot to look that cheap after all.) But I have oodles and oodles of audio concert footage. And many, many other goodies as well.

So... if you like incredibly random, nearly schizophrenic blogs, you're very much in luck. And if you love, love, love Ms. Parton as much as I do, then you should be one happy camper.

And there'll be other stuff as well. So don't fret if Ms. Dolly doesn't exactly melt your better.

I'll end this one with some advice. If you haven't already done so, click the link on the bottom of the page or head on over to iTunes and download the fabulous new single, "Better Get to Livin'." It's definitely worth the 99 cents.

And well... get to livin'.


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