Friday, January 25, 2008

Don't Stop Dreamin'...

Okay... so I promised gifts in exchange for your having to put up with reading this blog. (Hopefully I'll have a reader one time or another.)

The link below will lead you to a download for all the songs included on Episode 6 of Miss Dolly's ill fated 80's variety show, "Dolly!" Honestly, I do not have anything but good memories of the show. It was the time that I fell in love with the buxom blonde from Sevierville. And even if the show was corny and was dated, it still showcased some of Dolly's classic songs. Plus, she never looked better. All of the costumes designed for the show, (Tony Chase was an absolute genius.) were absolutely beautiful. And her hair never looked better either. (God bless David Blair.)

She was incredibly thin though. There was that one episode with Tammy Wynette where she wore the green pantsuit and practically looked anorexic. But she put the weight back on gradually.

And I digress.

Episode 6 has always been my favorite. The dress in the above picture is the one she wore. Her hair was a little bigger and more bleach blonde. It's my absolute favorite Dolly look of all time.

The songs included are "Don't Stop Dreamin'," a never before released song. It's Dolly penned I believe. It's very catchy and a little bit corny. Sounds as if it might have been a "Rainbow" cast-off. "The Night Life" was one of those very embarassing performances that Sandy Gallin had Dolly do. You know the ones! Where she's standing on this huge ass star and singing torch songs. (She did three, actually. The others will be posted somewhere down the line.) She actually did "The Night Life" on her 70's show as well. This version is pretty good. It definitely re-inforces my belief that she should one day do a standards album. (Can you imagine her version of "Moon River?" Makes me shiver.)

"I'm a Drifter" comes from the Dixie's Place segments. The best part of the show for me. Showcased Ms. Dolly's acting talents. And in this instance, showcased a song that needs to be redone. "Appalachian Memories" is, of course, one of her better known songs. (It's "Smoky Mountain Memories" now.) It's probably in my top ten of her best written songs.

"Look on the Bright Side" is a short little piece that she used to open the (very rehearsed I might add) Q&A section of the show. It appeared originally (with more verses) in "Smoky Mountain Christmas." (I'll post that sometime too.) "The Seeker" is a Dolly standard. This version is probably my favorite of all the ones she's done. I just love her vocals on it.

And finally, there's "I Will Always Love You." She ended every show with the final chorus of the song. (This version happens to my favorite of the 22 versions I have from the 80's show as well.)

Alrightee... so there ya go.

If you happened to stumble upon this blog... and you're a Dolly fan... you're probably in Dolly nirvana right now. And if ya are, let me know.

The link is below. I think I did it right.


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Anonymous said...

just letting you know that I have just found your website today and I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH IT!

I loved the 80's show so thank you, thank you, thank you! for posting these songs! I have nothing but wonderful memories of this show too! I was 12 years old and my whole week revolved around looking forward to the episode of the week!
thanks again for your site - I Truly do love it!!!!!!!